We think we have the best paydirt you can find and we hope you agree!
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We have several mining claims
throughout the west and because
of that we can select the best and
that makes our paydirt bags some
of the best around!
          GIVE IT A TRY!
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We are prospectors always in search of good Gold bearing ground.
We want the best paydirt we can find. That means when we find the pay streaks it's more gold for you!

I have tried them all and this is one of the best for the money.
B. Swigart. Colorado

I love panning for gold and I love your bags.
H. Smith. Indiana

I bought a bag at the last outing and I wanted more but you sold out. Good stuff.
B. Black. Washington

Thank you for the extra gold.
A. Brown. New Jersey

Worth the money.
J. Bulfer. Arizona

This was what we panned out from one of our $50.00 paydirt bags.
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